Revlon True Precision Tweezer

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Revlon True Precision Tweezer

Slant and Point tip all in one Stainless Steel Tweezer.

Gold Plated for superior quality.  Ultra sharp point with slant tip is designed to grab each hair the first time

Revlon True Precision Tweezer brings eyebrow shaping to a whole new level. With a slant tip and a powerful point that grabs each hair the first time, tweezing is much less painful than ever before. No pinching, no pulling each eyebrow hair repeatedly! With Revlon True Precision Tweezer plucking your eyebrows is much faster.

Revlon True Precision is made in Germany from stainless steel and gold plated, and then hand filed for exceptional quality. These excellent tweezers also have a lifetime guarantee. How do you get the best eyebrow shape with these exceptional tweezers?  - Start at the nose area to find out exactly what stray hairs should be plucked hold your brow pencil parallel to the side of your nose. Any hair in between the two should be plucked.  Pluck after a warm shower ? warm water opens follicles and makes it easier to pull hair out with less pain. If your skin is still too sensitive and it hurts too much, use a little Orajel for to numb the area.  Know your arch and how high or low it should be. Use a brown pencil and pencil your eyebrow where your arch should be then use True Precision Tweezers and pluck the hair above and below where the eye brow pencil is.  Once you figure out where your eyebrows should start, stop, and arch, use Revlon True Precision Tweezers you to shape your eyebrows quickly and painlessly without having to repeatedly pull the same hair. You can trust Revlon for all your beauty needs.

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