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Bundle Of Games. Celebrity Name Game, See It Slam It Say it, Headbanz,

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TELEPATHS The matching game of crazy connections and logical links, perfect for the entire family. Fun family game that encourges teamwork, creativity and fun. Includes game board, 330 cards, 4 game pieces, 4 pencils, score pad, word/picture dice and 30-second timer URBAN MYTH Sometimes, truth can be every bit as strange as fiction and fiction can sound like the truth. The challenge of Urban Myth is to differentiate between fact and modern folklore - between what you thought you knew and what you have heard as truth from a trusted friend. Includes 6 game tokens, 500 "Tall Tale" cards, 6 voting cards, 1 game board and 1 player guide WHAT? "What" is a hilarious party game of who-said-what. Players are asked to write responses to humorous questions and situations, and everyone must guess who wrote what. Includes 450 questions, 200 answer sheets, 6 pencils