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Almay and Revlon Mascara Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

If you love mascara, then you will love these hacks and tips below to help you get flawless eyelashes. Mascara can be a bit tricky to apply to your eyes, especially when you are in a rush or you are unsure of how to do it properly. Although it can be tricky, mascara is quite forgiving most times and as long as it is not running down your face, you are probably in the clear.

Ready to learn some of the best hacks to make your eyes look amazing?

1. Get Rid of Excess

If you are tempted to just apply your mascara and head out the door, rethink it. Excess mascara that is allowed to remain on your eyelashes will end up clumping and looking lumpy throughout the day.

To fix this, simply slide the mascara wand over a napkin or tissue before applying it to your eyes. This will remove excess and allow you to put it on flawlessly.

2. Luscious Lashes or Full Lashes?

The way you apply your mascara makes a huge difference in your appearance. In fact, try it out and hold your brush a different way when applying your mascara.

If you hold the brush horizontally, your end result will be thick, luscious lashes. In you use the brush vertically and apply the mascara along the length of your eye lashes, your result will be fuller lashes.

3. Avoid Mascara Marks

Have you ever applied mascara to your eyes just to find out you also applied it to your facial skin as well? Sometimes your hand may not be steady or you may become distracted and miss your lashes. To prevent this from happening, fold a paper towel into fourths and then place it under your lashes or above your lashes as you apply your mascara.

4. Say Goodbye to Flaky Formula

Have you ever opened your mascara only to find that it is dried out and flaky? When this happens, you cannot apply the mascara to your eyes and if it is your only bottle, then you may simply be going out without your mascara.

To fix this problem, simply apply a couple of drops of saline solution to the inside of the mascara tube and shake it up. The solution will rewet the mascara and allow you to apply it.

5. Want Better Looking Lashes?

Curled lashes are in and if you have straight lashes that do not like to move the way you want; you can try to curl them with the following trick.

First, heat your lash curler up with a blow dryer for a couple of seconds until it is warm. You do not want the curler to be too hot as you will burn your eye lids.

Next, use the curler to shape your lashes and apply mascara as you curl them. The mascara will help keep the lashes in place and keep them curled for longer periods of time.

Perfect Your Look With Revlon and Almay Mascara

If you are ready to get beautiful lashes that last all day, use the tips, hacks, and tricks above to perfect your look.