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Sun Care & Sunscreen

Protect Your Skin: Your Guide to Sunscreen

Sunscreen. The lotion that goes on your skin and protects it from sun damage. Do you use it? If not, you should be. It is important that you are always providing protection for your skin, especially since skin cancer is prevalent in those who do not take the steps to protect themselves. In fact, melanoma skin cancer can develop and is one of the worst types of skin cancer. If you are unsure of how to choose your sunscreen or what you should be thinking about when doing so, we will go over some tips for you below.

Do You Really Need Sunscreen?

Yes. No matter how long you are out in the sun for, your skin is exposed to the harmful rays of it. You must protect yourself and put up a defense to block out damage.

What SPF Do I Need?

The SPF or Sun Protection Factor, is an important part of choosing your sunscreen and needs to be considered along with the type you choose. The SPF is the amount of time you will be protected from the sun without being burned by it. Therefore, if you are fair skinned, you would need a higher SPF than someone who is not.

To break it down a bit more, the SPF length is about 20 minutes for every SPF number. Therefore, 15 SPF would last about 300 minutes.

If you plan to be out in the sun for a long period of time, either get a higher SPF or reapply it every so often to prevent any burns.

Application Types

The three most common sunscreen application types include a roll on, spray, and lotion. Lotion is the most known of all types and is the most commonly chosen, but it can be messy, especially if you do not like to apply lotion. When you apply it, you need to make sure you rub it in well and apply it to all sections of your body that will be exposed. In addition, you need to massage the lotion in well and wait for it to dry before heading into water.

The roll on applicator is best used for your face or other small sections that need the SPF coverage. The roll on is easy to use and can be quickly applied when needed.

Lastly, spray on application is convenient, especially if you do not want to touch lotion. You simply aim, spray, and allow to dry. It is important that you place the can close enough to get the sunscreen on your body and that you do not miss any spots.

Why Use Loreal Neutrogena Sunscreen?

The type of sunscreen you choose needs to be right for your skin and provide you with adequate protection from the sun. If you feel like you are not being protected enough, then you need to try a higher SPF. Sun damage can occur at any time and just because you think you are protected; does not mean you are. In addition to your sunscreen, you should be wearing a hat, staying in shade, and avoiding the brightest times of the day.