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Get It Right: How to Apply Lipstick Properly

Lipstick can be a bit tricky, especially when you are in a rush or it is your first time using it. We have all experienced that moment where you smile and lipstick is on your teeth or the colour is thicker in one area than the next. Before you start to criticize your lipstick application techniques too much, we will help you learn how to put lipstick on properly.

Whether You Prefer L'Oreal Lipstick, Revlon Lip Gloss Or Another Brand, These Tips Can Help

8 Step Guide

1. One of the first things you want to do BEFORE you apply lipstick to your lips is remove any dead skin by exfoliating your lips. Once they are exfoliated, you can apply lipstick easily without running into any rough patches or loose skin.

2. Next, once your lips are exfoliated, you should then apply a moisturizer to your lips. The moisturizer will help keep your lips hydrated and feeling smooth. Try to avoid using a lip balm that leaves your lips wet or too moisturized as you will then have trouble applying your lipstick.

3. Now it is time to move into the lipstick application. You want to choose a colour that matches your skin tone and looks great on you. If you choose a colour that is too dull, it will make you look washed out and a colour that is too bright will stick out like a sore thumb.

For example, if you have darker skin, choose a colour that pops to provide a beautiful contrast against your skin. For light skinned women, a light pink or even a neutral colour will look great.

4. Grab your lipstick and start applying it to the center of your lips. Slowly brush the lipstick towards the outer edge of your lips and fill in any spaces that the lipstick did not get on.

Sometimes, it helps to use a lipstick brush as opposed to using the stick directly, but the choice is up to you.

5. Once the lipstick is applied, grab a paper towel or napkin and blot your lips to remove excess lipstick that may be lingering.

6. Now, apply a second coat of lipstick to your lips to help brighten the colour and make it pop.

7. Before you finish, try placing your finger in your mouth and closing your lips around your finger. This will help remove any excess lipstick that is on the inside of your lips. It helps to do this as it will eliminate the chance of lipstick getting on your teeth.

8. The last step is to apply another moisturizer or lip gloss over your lipstick. While it is not required, it will help lock in the colour and lipstick so that it does not fade as quickly.


No matter the type of lipstick you use, you can follow the above steps for the right application. You will find that sometimes you need to touch up your lipstick throughout the day and this is okay. To do so, simply blot the lipstick on your lips and rub them together.

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