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Free Shipping on All Orders $35+

Revlon Ultra Hd Lip Stick

by Revlon
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SKU 309975564204
Color: Azalea 800

Revlon HD Lipstick with wax-free technology gives rich high definition colour to your lips with a light feel.

Revlon a trusted name in beauty products introduces a revolutionary lip stick, HD (high definition) Lipstick. With a wax free technology it gives a rich true colour to your lips and feels very light as if you aren't even wearing lipstick at all!

Revlon HD Lipstick benefits:

  • Vivid true color that you can apply in one smooth brush
  • 20 high-definition colours available
  • True color clarity that doesn't have that heavy feel
Some of the colours available are:

  • HD Sweet Tea
  • HD Tulip
  • HD Orchid
  • HD Rose
  • HD Geranium
  • HD Iris
  • HD Magnolia
  • HD Camilia
  • HD Snapdragon
  • HD Poppy
  • HD Hydrangea
  • HD Gladiolus
  • HD Primrose
  • HD Azalea
  • HD Hibiscus
  • HD Petunia
  • HD Dahlia
  • HD Poinsettia
  • HD Peony
The shades are various red to almost pink. Some shades are a dark shade that may be considered an earth tone.

To apply, because it is wax free you may wish to use a lip pencil with it to keep it from running. As it is a lightweight formula you may need to reapply after 3 to 4 hours depending on how much you eat or drink during that time.

It has a light scent and a very light fruity taste that many may not even notice.

Since it is from Revlon, you can trust it to be dermatologist tested, and that it will help keep your lips them moist and healthy. With the vivid true colours of HD lipstick you will assuredly turn heads and get plenty of compliments.