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Free Shipping on All Orders $35+

Dove Dry Spray 48-hour Anti-Perspirant, Revive, 107 g

by Dove
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SKU 079400445773

We all spend plenty of time on our skin and hair care regimens, but it s easy to forget about underarm care. Frankly, our underarms deserve better! Save precious time in the morning with this Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant Deodorant Revive. Part of the Dove Dry Spray range, this antiperspirant deodorant spray means you can get dressed instantly without the fear of wet patches on your clothes. It takes seconds to apply, sprays on dry and means you can dress right away, while enjoying the refreshing, zingy scent of pomegranate and lemon verbena. Caring to skin, the alcohol-free formula contains ¼ moisturizing cream to provide great underarm care. This antiperspirant deodorant can give you soft, smooth underarms while providing protection from odour and wetness for 48 hours, so you can feel confident through the day and all through the night.

How to use: To ensure complete antiperspirant protection, give the can a good shake, lift your arm above your head, then spray your underarm and repeat again with the other one. The aerosol is best held about 15 cm away from your skin and spritzed for around two seconds.